SALTO-YOUTH publishes online booklet “Use Your Hands to Move Ahead 2.0” on ESC volunteering projects

SALTO-YOUTH has published the online booklet “Use Your Hands to Move Ahead 2.0” on European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects.
This is an educational document aimed at youth workers, youth leaders, European institutions and all others who work with young people facing socio-economic obstacles. It describes how European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects can be used to benefit these young people and also gives examples on how to respond to these youngster’s specific learning needs.   
“Use Your Hands to Move Ahead 2.0 ” was compiled with the help of individuals and organisations who have many years of experience in carrying out European Solidarity Corps and/or European Voluntary Service projects.  

Find more information and read the online publication in the SALTO-YOUTH website here 

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