Launch of «Lisboa+21 – Youth Policies and Programmes from a Global Perspective»

Within the context of the Lisbon Youth Centre (CJL) 5th anniversary with the Council of Europe Quality Label, on 1 July 2020, was launched the publication «Lisboa+21 – Youth Policies and Programmes from a Global Perspective».

This is a project by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ), published by CJL, resulting from a co-authorship by Ana Catarino, Carlos Manuel Pereira, Nora Kiss, Sofia Pimenta e Rita Saias, and having the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth and Youth Forum «Lisboa+21», held in Portugal in June 2019, as background.

This bilingual publication (with portuguese and english versions), gives us the voice of the key stakeholders who assumed as their own the policy instruments with the ambition, and corresponding responsability, of shaping Youth policies and programmes, starting with the Lisboa+21 Declaration, making also an analysis of the National Plan for Youth.

It constitutes a relevant contribution by IPDJ in the consolidation of the research work that comprises and organizes all that has been accomplished in the area of the Youth Policies and Programmes, at an international level, which should support the work of those who dedicate themselves to the youth sector and shape the future of future generations.

The commemoration of the CJL anniversary and the lauching session was attended by ten essential partners of this centre - a demand given the current situation – but was streamed live online in the CJL facebook page. Watch it here 


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