FNAJ launches "Manifesto Europeu" (European Manifest)

On 12 April, at 16:00, took place, in the Lisbon Youth Centre, the launching and presentation of “Manifesto Europeu –

Uma visão do movimento associativo juvenil” (European Manifest – a vision of youth associative movement).

Bearing in mind the European Elections which will be held in May 2019, FNAJ – National Federation for Youth

Associations, structured the project “Europa para Jovens” (Europe for Young People) comprising an online

questionnaire from which were collected proposals for measures in order to define the priority axes of action for Europe,

resulting in the development of “Manifesto Europeu – Uma visão do movimento associativo juvenil”.


This document aims to be a european strategic point of reference in multiple areas of governance which affect the lives of

young people and their organizations, namely in what concerns European youth policies, participation instruments,

education, employability, civic/associative participation, mobility, equality, among others.


“Manifesto Europeu” was developed according to the vision and ideas of young people and their associations for the

construction of European Youth Policies which take into account their interests and needs.


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