EU Youth Dialogue - current cycle running from January 2019 to mid-2020

What is the EU Youth Dialogue?

The EU Youth Dialogue is the dialogue with young people and youth organisations involving policy and decision

makers, as well as experts, researchers and other relevant civil society actors, as appropriate. It serves as a

forum for continuous joint reflection and consultation on the priorities, implementation and follow-up of European

cooperation in the field of youth.

It builds on the achievements of past dialogue processes, with the aim of including more decision-makers and

young people, especially those with fewer opportunities in decision-making processes and in the implementation of the

EU Youth Strategy.

EU Youth Dialogue is organised into 18-month work cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different thematic priority (set by

the Council of Youth Ministers). The current thematic priority is “Creating opportunities for Youth”.

The current cycle runs from January 2019 to mid-2020 over the course of the Romanian, Finnish and Croatian EU



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