The Lisbon Youth Centre hosted the Training Action for Community Education Facilitators

The Portuguese Network of Young People for Gender Equality (REDE), in partnership with the Erasmus+ EQUAL

SPACE project, promoted the Training Action for Community Education Facilitators, which took place at the

Portuguese Sport and Youth Institute (IPDJ) Lisbon Youth Centre (LYC) on 15, 16 and 17 March. This training

action was organized with the aim of providing skills, knowledge and practices for the community education

facilitators, in order to improve and enhance the participation and empowerment of immigrant women as well as other

minorities, from a perspective of gender and cultural diversity. Aimed at community workers, adult education

organizations, social workers, relevant regional actors, institutions that work with gender and cultural diversity issues, or

with migrant women or minorities, this training event was also meant to develop tools for finding solutions against the

difficulties that the aforementioned risk groups face at an educational level, helping them to have access to learning and

education throughout life.


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