December in DRLVT

The Lisbon and Tagus Valley Regional Directorate (DRLVT) of the Portuguese Sport and Youth Institute (IPDJ) held, from 1 until 20 December, the event «DEZEMBRO NA DRLVT 2019», an initiative which included various activities over the course of 3 weeks, in order to celebrate Human Rights and youth citizenship.

Among other activities, we highlight:

4 December  – Presentation session for the portuguese version of the publication «A toolkit on Quality Standards for Youth Policy», the result of a partnership between the Lisbon Youth Centre (CJL) of IPDJ and the Portuguese National Youth Council (CNJ), graced with the presence of Portugal's Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, João Paulo Rebelo and the President of the European Youth Forum, Carina Autengruber;


6 December – Presentation session of «Modelo de Gestão de Proximidade Inteligente - A Visão da Juventude. Que Perspetivas?» («Intelligent Proximity Management Model – The Vision of the Youth. Which Perspectives?»), by Manuel Barros;


11 December – Round table «Violência Sexual no Desporto» («Sexual Violence in Sports»), an initiative integrated in the Council of Europe and European Commission Campaign «Start to Talk», certified for purposes of Profissional Coaching Title;


19 December – Presentation of the portuguese version of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)4 – Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on supporting young refugees in transition to adulthood;

In addition to these moments, we also highlight the TRAINING ACTIVITIES, aimed for youth organisations and youth workers, as a way of helping them overcome the challenges from their daily work.

This activities were held under a partnership with the Portuguese National Youth Council (CNJ), AIDGlobal and Dypall Network, and took place in the Lisbon Youth Centre (CJL) of IPDJ.


3 and 4 december | Training Action «Quality Standards for Youth Policies»

Training action held in partnership with CNJ, within the framework of Portuguese version of the publication «A Toolkit on Quality Standards for Youth Policy» (a publication developed by the European Youth Forum);


11 and 12 december - from 9:30 to 17:30 | Training Action «Sustainable Development Goals: A plan to change the world»

The 2030 Agenda presents 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the purpose of building a new path towards a fair and sustainable world. Therefore, this training action aimed to:

- Introduce the SDGs;

- Share projects that were successful at national level;

- Promote the elaboration of an action plan, that takes into consideration the integration of the SDGs and the local context.

Training action held in partnership with AIDGLOBAL.

19 and 20 december  | Training action on Human Rights based on the Council of Europe Recommendation «Supporting young refugees in transition to adulthood» 

This training action aimed to:

- Introduce the the Council of Europe Recommendation «Supporting young refugees in transition to adulthood»;

- Demonstrate the portuguese reality on the ground;

- Raise awareness and promote approaches towards young migrant people in Portugal.

Training action held in partnership with DYPALL Network.



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