European Elections 2019

Did you know that the European Elections will take place from 23 to 26 May?


The European Parliament encourages all young people to make their voices heard and to decide on the future

of Europe, through the campaign “This Time I’m Voting”.


“This Time I’m Voting” is the institutional non-partisan communication action of the European Parliament, independent

from any political party or ideology, which aims to promote democratic participation in the European Elections.

The message is that, this time, having hope on a brighter future is not enough. This time, it is needed to take

responsibility. That is why, this time, you are not only requested to vote, it is also requested that you encourage others to

vote. “If all of us vote, we all win”.


The European Elections will also be the central theme of the European Youth Week 2019, with events scheduled across

all Europe. Keep an eye on the activities that will take place in Portugal through the Erasmus+ Juventude em Ação

website, Portal da Juventude and the Lisbon Youth Centre website.


Learn how to vote for the European Elections


Because you can influence the decisions that change your life and our life, make sure that this time you are voting. Learn

more about this initiative here

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